NFS Carbon crew coverage

Monday 17 July 2006
Need for Speed is one of the longest running racing series in gaming, but EA is constantly trying to make the experience as fresh and exciting as possible, which means the latest addition, Need for Speed Carbon, will be bursting with new features. It's looking pretty tasty, too, as these new screens show.

One of these is the addition of 'crews' where you can employ AI allies to help you in certain races. These drivers come in three different classes: Blockers, Scouts and Drafters.

Blockers drive directly in front of opponent's cars, slowing them down and preventing them from passing; Scouts zip on ahead and try to find short cuts which are then highlighted on your radar; while Drafters drive in front of your car, giving you the opportunity to slipstream and get an extra speed boost.

You can call upon the assistance of these crew members a finite number of times so the there's a definite strategy involved when using them.

Other new options include Canyon races, which are one-on-one confrontations but instead of being a straight race they're won and lost on points. It's basically a pursuit challenge with one racer given the task of losing the other. Points are awarded to the following car for staying up close, while the leading car can earn them by opening up distance between the two.

It's not a ground-breaking idea but should be perfect for multiplayer gaming with each driver putting speed ahead of safety just to try and get a few seconds advantage.