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NFL on Xbox One brings Redzone to the right eighth of your screen

When the Xbox One launches later this year the NFL's season will be well underway, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from taking advantage of its newly minted deal with the football league. Details have been released about how NFL on Xbox One will work, and it looks like it has the potential to be a game changer for anyone interested in playing Madden while you watch your favorite team get destroyed on NFL Redzone.

Content from Redzone, NFL Network,, and's Fantasy Football will be available on the Xbox One. The app will make ample use of the console's ability to "snap" stuff to the side of the screen, meaning you can watch football and look at a score ticker while you game. If you'd rather focus just on one thing at a time, the console will give you tools to mix and match content, putting information all over the screen to turn your television into a sort of control room for NFL content.