New Sky sci-fi movie channel appears

As a fan of all things SF, you'll be pleased with the latest move from Sky Movies. Instead of trawling through what seems like thousands of different movie channels looking for the film you want, Sky Movies now has genre-based channels, enabling you to find the kind of film you want to watch more easily.

With around 20 premieres a month, Sky customers can view Comedy, Family, Drama, Independent, Classics and (of course) Sci-fi & Horror, from Wednesday 4 April. And Sky will also be hopping along to Sci-Fi-London in May, just like SFX... although it's not clear yet whether they'll be entering a team in the quiz.

Ian Lewis, the new guv'nor of Sky Movies and Box Office commented: "Many of our customers love sci-fi and were the driving force behind the creation of Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror - a whole channel dedicated to the genre. We are extremely excited about what the channel has to offer and there is no better place to showcase this than at Sci-Fi-London. This year's festival is shaping up to be the best yet."

Sky Movies are promising to deliver 90% of the top 100 box office films and over 450 different films a week. Phew. Find out more at .

First up, look out for the horror line-up on Friday 13 April, with Cursed, The Amityville Horror, Race With The Devil and Fright Night scheduled.