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New Zealand Story Revolution review

A £30 game you can play for free online... still good, though


  • Improved cosmetics are cool
  • The great gameplay is untouched
  • Pure gameplay and challenging too


  • Repetitive sound may break your mind
  • It's pricey for an 18-year old game
  • And you can play it online for nothing

Wednesday 31 January 2007
Okay, two things. One, calling this a 'Revolution' is like calling Peter Andre a timeless performer of real calibre and talent. It's a subtitle of truth-stretching cheekiness that suggests some sort of radical reimagining, when all you're getting is essentially the same old Mysterious Girl with a couple of bolted on extras you'll hardly even notice.

But, by doing that - and here's where number two comes in - by taking a classic 2Der and making only cosmetic changes, DS developers Rising Star have produced a game that remains thoroughly respectful to the simple brilliance of the original, without offering exactly the same experience 18 years later. In short, New Zealand Story Revolution works.

Above: An evil walrus (no, really) steals your friends at the start of the game

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DescriptionIn this reworking of the old arcade game, you must save your friends from a seal. Apparently New Zealand is a dangerous place, kids.
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