New video for Just Cause

Eidos has parachuted in with yet another bite-sized look at Just Cause, its upcoming action adventure that we've taken to calling "Grand Theft Auto in Cuba." As you know if you've read our coverage, the basic premise is that you're a secret agent helping rebels shake up the corrupt rulers of a chain of islands.

This mini-trailer shows off a number of the non-wheeled vehicles in the game - namely, a wicked fast speedboat and aircraft ranging from a helicopter to a fighter jet. It also shows a bit about just how easy it is to commandeer these devices using a grappling hook gun, your parachute and a grip that would make Superman himself wince in pain if you shook hands.

Check out the trailer (it's from the 360, as is the screen below)here... or by following the Movies tab above.

August 11, 2006