With new seasons mod, Fallout 4 looks less like Boston, more like Skyrim

Typically, the wasteland of Fallout 4 looks the same no matter what month the in-game calendar says it is. But nuclear winter is depressing. Actual winter is much more fun. The snow covering the ground, ice dangling from the edge of buildings and trees … overall just a much more pleasant go of things. Thankfully, there's a mod available now that can turn post-apocalypse Boston into a winter wonderland - as well as a summer paradise and everything in-between.

Simply titled, "Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow," the mod by creator GameDuchess replaces the usual models and textures to give trees more foliage, and the ground more green. Some of these replacements are simple recolors, while others are completely new. The mod is still in development, with the goal of seasons automatically switching as the game clock progresses (right now you have to manually choose which season you want, one at a time).

Still, it's amazing how much the weather can change your perception of a place. With the summer season turned on, Fallout 4 suddenly looks a lot more like The Last of Us. With the winter snows blanketing the land, I half expect a dragon to show up and teach me how to shout radiation at someone. Here's hoping this mod makes its way to console when Bethesda allows mods on Xbox One and PS4.

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Sam Prell

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