New Red Dead Redemption DLC has an axe to grind

Last week Rockstar let loosedetails on all four of Red Dead Redemption’s upcoming DLC packs, and today they’re following up with screenshots of the first in pack in motion, Legends and Killers. If your scalp’s getting all tingly, it’s probably because the images below feature decidedly less gun slingin’ and a helluva lot more axe throwin’, obviously in effort to showcase the DLC’s new Tomahawk projectile weapon.

Above: Due to the incline, heads might roll

If that weren’t enough to get Red Dead fans amped for a trip back to the frontier, along with nine new multiplayer map areas, players will also get eight new playable characters who just so happen to be those long unseen hoopleheads from the original Red Dead Revolver!

Above: Red Harlow rides again!

Legends and Killers moseys onto XBLA and PSN sometime and early August, costing $9.99 / 800MS with new Achievements and Trophies. Here’s hoping we see you online and that your boots remain forever snake free.

Above: Mr. Kelley, one of Red Dead Revolver's toughest bosses, returns well-dressed and ready to roamRedemption's plain

Jul 16, 2010