New Project Gotham Racing 4 details emerge

Details have been pretty scarce on Bizarre Creations' hotly anticipated racer, Project Gotham Racing 4, but small tidbits of info have begun to emerge, following therevealingof the new extreme weather mechanics.

According to a Polish magazine (viaXboxic), the events in the main career mode will be set out in a tree-like format, similar to Ridge Racer 6.

Although the driving model will remain mostly the same, drifting has apparently been made a touch easier, while nudging the rear of an opponent's car to make them spin out will be made harder.

Do you like to pull a handbrake turn just as you cross the finish line to slam your car into a wall? In the next game you won't need to because the cars will apparently perform donut spins after the race.

On the techy side of things, the cars are said to be made up of 70-100 thousand polygons, with better environmental textures. The cities from PGR 3 are to return, joined by Shanghai and two "TBA" cities.

Interestingly, the report also says the drivers will have increased detail for "secret" reasons. Might you be walking around out of your car in PGR 4? That would be like the Garage mode, but in third-person, we suppose.

The courses are said to have more spectators, too, while the whole game runs at 30 frames per second at 720p.

Feel the excitement. More on PGR 4 soon.

April 24, 2007