This new board game is Mario Kart in all but name

Dungeon Kart racer tokens on the starting line, alongside a Dungeon Kart character card depicting 'King Croak'
(Image credit: Brotherwise Games)

There's no sign of a Mario Kart board game on the horizon, but this new project from Brotherwise is the next best thing.

Called 'Dungeon Kart,' the inspiration for this racing board game is clear; you'll use items found in multicolored cubes like the ones from Mario Kart, collect coins as you tear around the course, and control racers with friendly, cartoon designs. It even uses an art-style reminiscent of instruction booklets for Mario Kart 64. In other words, it's a nostalgic visit to the past for fans of old-school Nintendo.

The idea certainly seems to have been a hit so far. Indeed, the Mario Kart-esque project started its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter only a few days ago, but quickly racked up more than four times its target in pledges. With plenty of time to go until the campaign closes on September 8, that number is only rising. Most of its stretch goals (including extra, themed track tiles to race on and bonus characters) have been met as well.

Dungeon Kart swaps out Mario and co for a cast based on classic fantasy tropes - and previous Brotherwise games, for that matter. That sword and sorcery theme runs throughout, with items taking on the form of spells and the chance to drop henchmen like zombies onto the course.

Speaking of which, it works by giving you movement points to race and drift around the track - or to knock rivals out of your way. Rough ground or traps will slow you down and reduce those movement points (as indicated by a gear stick tracking system), so it looks as if it'll get pretty competitive. 

Dungeon Kart isn't the first time Brotherwise has taken its cue from video games, of course; the studio is also responsible for Boss Monster (one of the best card games, if you ask us) which was modeled after 16-bit SNES titles. Overboss, a top-down tile-laying board game that looks as if it's been taken from Link to the Past, is also in the Brotherwise library.

Dungeon Kart will apparently arrive with backers by this time next year, and will presumably go out to mass retail afterward.

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