New Killzone screens hit the spot

New screenshots of Sony's uber-first-person shooter Killzone have just surfaced. Often referred to as a potential Halo-beater, it's way too soon to come to such a conclusion but its look and quality does invite comparisons to the classic Xbox shooter.

Although there isn't any page furniture on these screens, they are in-game shots of the title in action. We've seen Killzone up-and-running and can tell you that the furniture is typical FPS, although kept pretty much to a minimum with ammo, secondary ammo and health making up your gameplay info.

In related news, Killzone developers Guerrilla have signed a deal to develop games exclusively for Sony's platforms. Several new projects have been promised, which can only be good news as we're getting a bit tired of relentless sequels being churned out to the exclusion of original titles.

Killzone is scheduled to arrive on PS2 this autumn