New GTA IV feature: Trunks!

Grand Theft Auto IV will bring real-time car trunk interaction physics to the world of GTA, according to a pop-up command glimpsed during a demo of the astoundingly next-generation game.

The witnesses to this revelation? Official Xbox Magazine, who were "accidentally" able to see a contextual command prompt that popped up while their Rockstar guide stood near a car's trunk, reading something along the lines of "Press LB to open trunk."

We say "accidentally" because Rockstar are such perfectionists that there's no way it was really an accident. It'd certainly work, enabling you to stow contraband, stash bodies for disposal or perhaps even leap in yourself to trail a target from extremely close distance. And it's just another indication of the staggering depth of GTA IV, beyond even the things we've already seen with our own eyes.

May 30, 2007