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New Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas screenshot revealed

Rockstar have released another one (er, count it!) new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - marking the fourth screen we've seen from the game thus far.

Like one of the that were revealed in mid-May, the image shows a young Converse-clad male perched atop a shiny BMX. In this case, it's the game's key protagonist Carl Johnson, who heads up local street gang the Orange Grove Families. We imagine they're a lot tougher than they sound.

Further to our recent speculation, Rockstar have now confirmed that the shot is taken from the Los Angeles-based Los Santos - and the building in the background is indeed modelled on the LA Convention Center, home of the E3 games show.

The image has what is fast becoming the game's signature dusky look about it although there's not a whole lot actually going on - you can see a black sedan driving by in the background, as well as a solitary pedestrian tucked just behind it, and that's about it. We're hoping that the next shots we see from the game will be slightly more revealing...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 22 October