New Gears of War 3 screenshots land, empower hot women with chainsaws

There's nothing like getting your week started off with a nice bit of eviscerating action. So it's lucky for us these new Gears of War 3 screens pack in loads of gut-cutting action. Along with some gruesome new melee kills, the latest batch of incredible looking screens you'll seebelow also show off some unseen weapons and ugly - even by Locust standards - baddies.

The whole motley crew above. What a crazy bunch of really homicidal guys and dolls. We gotta say, Dom, loving the beard. Marcus' summer look is also a nice sleeveless change of pace. Not that we've been waiting three years to see the full extent of his glorious biceps. No, definitely not.

Now, to us, this looks like a new form of Berserker. It could possibly be a strand of the new Lambent Locust (y'know the new species that was created in Gears 2, thanks to the virus which spread throughout Sera). If you compare it to the original design, the face is radically different. Also, it totally looks like it's been hitting the subterranean gym. Look at the Locust on the right, too. To us, that looks like a new kind of finisher that's gonna end really badly for our boy Carmine's arm socket.

Now this is what we're talking about. We loved a bit of dual chainsaw finisher action in the last game, but hoisting a baddie into the air and eviscerating them several feet off the ground with your Lancer redefines Gears' chainsaw-based pain. That said, the sheer strength of this female COG is making us feel pretty dang inadequate.

Again, another new beastie. This is almost certainly a Lambent Locust, coming across as a severly bastardised (no tittering there in the back) version of a Berserker.The tentacles/legs on this bad boy also remind us a bit of the Corpser. Hmmm, anyone else think there's been some disturbing cross species sexy time going on within the Locust ranks since Gears 2?

Always save the best for last. Or, in this case, the ugliest. What these new Theron Guards may lack in the facial department, they more than make up for bypacking little critters of deathon their person. Called Digger Launchers, they can be fired out of Locust pistols, where they then go onto burrowunder the ground, before resurfacing to blow up in your face. How pleasant.

Want to see the full batch of screenshots? Thenclick here for our full screens gallery.

Aug 6, 2010

David Meikleham
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