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New Fable III screenshots to whet the appetite

Fable creator Peter Molyneux may have been dissapointed with some elements in Fable II, even though it was a huge success on the Xbox 360 and well received by reviewers. But he’s promising that Fable III will be even better than its predecessor. We have nothing new from the Molyneux quote box (yet), but here are new screenshots of the open-ended RPG that were just released for this year’s Comic-Con…

Above: Logan, the tyrant king, will be the central antagonist in Fable III, set 50 years after the end of Fable II. He doesn’t look too happy, probably because the point of the game is to dethrone him

Above: Massive, open environments have been a staple of the Fable series from day one and should be even more huge and daunting in this latest installment

Above: Some sort of mechanical-powered ship, something you would expect to see in such a fantastical medieval setting as the storied Fable universe

Fable III is due out on October 26 so get ready for a lot more running around, finding more tasks than you can shake a stick at and, of course, having as much sex as possible.

July 22, 2010