Clue board game reboot "more accurately reflects the diversity of its players"

Clue 2023 edition box in front of a white wall
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It's a new year, and with it comes a new Clue. One of the most iconic classic board games has been reimagined for 2023 with new ability cards, revamped characters, and backstories. It's currently available to order at Amazon for $21.99.

While the core elements of the game remain identical (you're still solving the who, what, and where of a murder that one of the players committed via process of elimination… pun intended), publisher Hasbro says that the new Clue has been refreshed with 'meaningful backstory and motive' for each character. 

"For years, the inspired mysteries of Clue have excited fans across the globe through countless game night interrogations, cult classic entertainment offerings and iconic pop culture fandom moments, and today we have a game that more accurately reflects the diversity of its players," notes SVP and general manager of Hasbro Gaming, Adam Biehl. "This next chapter of Clue invites even more gameplay immersion as players see themselves in a sophisticated fictional murder mystery and crime solving experience."

Speaking of solving the crime, you can also use special Clue cards that offer some kind of advantage. For example, one allows you to force the guiltiest-looking player to reveal a card from their hand.

Another difference for Clue 2023 is its revamped tokens. Much like Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd edition, each character has a sculpted mover and unique personality. In addition, the metal murder weapons have been redesigned and given a golden coating.

Whether the new Clue is still one of the best board games remains to be seen, but you can try it for yourself by ordering from Amazon or Walmart.

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