New chapter for GRAW

By far the most impressive map, the Shipping Port is a massive, cargo container concrete jungle that perfectly complements the other three mostly green maps with a severe urban setting. A veritable warren of giant shipping boxes and linked warehouse buildings, this map extends vertically as well as horizontally. Towering over the Shipping Port, giant, skeletal cranes serve as ideal sniping positions and deliver a ludicrously awesome environment that rivals the debris cluttered Boneyard junkyard map that originally shipped with GRAW.

The perfect map for team elimination (traditional kill-all-the-members-of-the-other-team), the Shipping Port alone is worth the download. Throw in the 4 new multiplayer campaign missions, a pile of new weapons and character customization options (4 new faces and 5 new guns for your Ghosts) and 8 completely re-lit maps from the original retail release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and you've got a massive addition to the rich and varied gameplay of one of our favorite shooters ever.