Never run out of storage for your Switch when you pick up this 400GB (yes, four *hundred*) microSD card

A SanDisk brand 400GB microSD card

Let's face it: while the Nintendo Switch is pretty great at a lot of things, storage capacity isn't one of them. With only 32GB of onboard memory (some of which is taken up by the operating system), it's easy to run out of space to store your games. Thankfully, Amazon has an excellent deal for $65 off a 400GB Nintendo Switch SD card you can use to boost your Switch to its limit. (Okay, technically its limit is 2TB, but seeing how 2TB microSD cards don't actually exist yet, this is pretty much the next best thing.)

SanDisk Ultra 400GB SD card with adapter for $184.99, $65 off normal price.

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">SanDisk Ultra 400GB SD card with adapter for $184.99, $65 off normal price. The Nintendo Switch comes with a pretty small amount of onboard memory, so investing in a microSD card is a wise idea. With this 400GB model, you may never need to buy another one again.

It's been a year since the Nintendo Switch launched - have you had to delete or shuffle data around in that time to make room for new games? First-party titles don't tend to take up much space, but third-party ports have been pushing 20GB and up for awhile, and we only expect games to get bigger as time goes on. True, you could always go for the physical version, but those cartridges can only handle 16GB, so extra-large games end up crowding your hard drive anyway.

But with 400GB of extra digital real estate to play with, you're gonna have even more reason to add to your Switch library. If you want some recommendations, be sure to check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch games. And if you don't see something there, here's the list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2018 and beyond to look forward to.

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