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Netflix's April Fool's Day prank involves Will Arnett, microwaved burritos, and parallel parking

April Fool's Day isn't for a few more hours yet, but you can get a small taste of the hijinks in store thanks to "Netflix Live." This video prank from Netflix features Will Arnett (The Lego Batman Movie, Bojack Horseman) giving supposedly live commentary on just the most inane objects and activities you can imagine. Microwaving a burrito. Assembling a puzzle. Playing Minesweeper.

And it is hilarious.

If I could, I would embed it for you to watch here. But you'll need to visit the official Netflix site and have a valid subscription to enjoy this masterpiece. So just know that at one point, the feed (which has been pre-recorded and isn't actually live) shows someone attempting to parallel park, and Arnett breaks character to become genuinely upset by their ineptitude. In fairness, I think most of us would be.

Happy early April Fool's!

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