NES wheatpaste art looks cool, makes old jokes

Apparently these Wheatpaste NES carts started popping up in New York City about a year ago, but for whatever reason we've just now been made aware of them. So, in case you missed out as well, head over toThe Village Voiceand/orGearfuseto see pictures of these vaguely taboo-y pieces of Nintendo pop art from AltrdBst.

Above: With a name like AltrdBst, you'd think he'd use Genesis/Mega Drive carts instead

One one hand, I find these immensely cool. Anytime our shared gamer heritage seeps through modern art or pop culture, it further validates all our time spent in front of "them damn video games." On the other hand, did we really need the"shocking topics"angle when the NES cart design is already so effing rad?

Either way, lovely work, especially the clever use of NES Barbie and(my favorite) the 8-bitJaws. Anything that creates something new out of decades-old sprites is worth passing around. More images via those links!

September 14, 2010

Brett Elston

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