Neil LaBute considers adapting 70s musical Company


Death At A Funeral director Neil LaBute is considering bringing Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company to the big screen.

The 1970s musical was revived on stage in 2006, and follows Bobby, a commitmentphobe and his happily linked-up friends.

The show was celebrated for its ability to bring very adult issues to a Broadway show, something that had rarely been done (and well) before. As Sondheim noted, “what [ people ] came to a musical to avoid, they suddenly find facing them on the stage.”

LaBute, whose latest play In A Forest, Dark And Deep opened earlier this year in London with Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams, is apparently keen on transforming the musical into an all singing, all dancing movie.

During a press conference, the director called the play “ Carnal Knowledge with songs”, referencing Mike Nichols’ saucy ‘70s film.

Though this sounds like a great venture, we can’t help but remember that LaBute also directed the dreadful Wicker Man remake. Could this be a sign that he’s back on track? We hope so.

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