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Need for Speed PSP screens

Wednesday 11 October 2006
While cruising around in our pimped-out rides last night, we saw something shiny caught in our headlights - turns out it was a bunch of screenshots from the forthcoming Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City on PSP. Just hit the images tab for more.

The screens show some very attractive cars decorated with their crew tags, racing through varied night-time environments. Although the cars do look slightly less rounded at the edges than those in the PS2 game, we think you'll agree it's looking very tasty indeed.

Above: Races all take place at night, much like the classic NFS Underground games

This is a slightly different game to the full-fat console version, hence the subtitle, but most of the main features are in. We're promised full car customisation and part morphing with the new Autosculpt mode, the new interactive crew feature that lets you take a wingman into races with you and, of course, those dramatic do-or-die races in Carbon Canyon.

Free-roaming is also set to make it across, even though previous NFS PSP versions were forced to drop it.

We'll have more on Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City as it nears its 3 November release.

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