NCSoft opens up on PS3 game plan

MMO company NCSoft has revealedits plan for PS3 and PSP, promising thegames it creates for the platforms will be unique.

"We haven't announced any of the titles we might be bringing out, but whatever we bring out, the one thing I can tell you is that, even if they're some intellectual property we already have, they'll be things that'll be very carefully created for the console experience, not merely a straight port," NCSoft executive producer Richard Garriott told us when we caught up with him at this week's Develop Conference in Brighton, UK.

"We found even back in my Origin days that direct, unadulterated ports weren't very successful compared to games that you make sure are really crafted correctly for the console experience," he added.

It was announced at E3 that NCSoft and Sony had struck a deal that'll see the former company produce games for the PlayStation platforms.

Garriott went on to explain that business models in addition to technology have previously prevented most console companies and online game companies really getting together.

"But that's where NCSoft and Sony have shown the vision that, look, none of those issues have anything to do with the customers. The customer just wants to play these games so you guys need to figure it out. Technically the hurdles are now solved, you guys figure out the business and let's get on with making games."

July 26, 2007