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NCAA Football 07 review

Graphics so good that missing so many gameplay additions on current-gen systems doesn't matter as much

The new Momentum Meter did make it into the 360 game, influencing your yardage as you make big plays, probably to hide the marginally better Dynasty Mode. Impact players will get the crowd worked up to a lather, and the meter actually does influence your passing and rushing yards if the same player makes several big plays in a row (you will also get more fumbles if you consistently suck). New plays add some realism, and the stadium models are ultra-sharp.

It's three steps forward for visuals, with the trade-off being at least four notable features missing; other versions have more mascots and fight songs, though the big loss is obviously the lack of a College Legend mode. The kicking is seriously improved, though; it now works like a golf game (pull back, push forward to kick). The match-up capability of Xbox Live is also much better than the online interface used for the current-gen versions.

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DescriptionAn excellent sports game, with all the thrills and dynamics of real college football.
Franchise nameNCAA Football
UK franchise nameNCAA Football
PlatformXbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date18 July 2006 (US), 18 July 2006 (UK)