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NBA Live 07 review

Wait 'til next year - or at least a couple of patches - before you drop a dime on this season's only PC dunkathon


  • Terrific dynasty mode
  • Intense arena crowds
  • Marv Albert's distinct "YES!"


  • Greedy point guards
  • No CPU substitutions
  • Dated on-court visuals

PC hoop fanatics don't have nearly as much going for them in 2007 as their archrivals on the console side. With no NBA 2K7 (or any other competitor, for that matter) vying for the attention of the mouse-and-keyboard set; this season, it's NBA Live 07 or bubkus. Unfortunately, this go-round EA bounced one off their collective foot, sending this year's Live right out of bounds.

A lamentable host of gameplay bugs and annoying quirks has sent the early purchasers of the title into an uproar, prompting the publishing behemoth to announce the issuing of the first of what promises to be multiple patches. At the time of this writing, the update has not yet been released, so we forged ahead with what showed up on retail stores on launch day - for better or worse.

Bugs aside, the visuals are decidedly dated. Anyone expecting a look and feel of a next-generation console will be checking the box to make sure it's not a copy of Live 06. It's not particularly ugly, so long as Xbox/PS2 style graphics are your cup of tea.

More Info

DescriptionThe AI has decided that there is no need to ever substitute any players, no matter how exhausted and/or dead they become.
Franchise nameNBA Live
UK franchise nameNBA Live
PlatformPC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox, PS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date25 September 2006 (US), 25 September 2006 (UK)