Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles - hands-on

Once you've got a task, the journey begins. This mainly involves moving Naruto across a 2D map, town to town. In between strolling you'll be whisked away for frequent random battles against packs of ruthless ninjas. Fortunately there's a fairly robust real-time fighting system with decent variety.

Highlights include special moves from the show, like making clones of yourself to enforce gang beat-downs, or unleashing the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, an apocalyptic light-show that gives you hyper power. As you progress you unlock more trickery, while gaining strength, stamina, and speed.

You can also temporarily switch to multiple homies from the show. So far we've only been able to switch to the fat-ass lad named Choji, but his "human-boulder" power, where he steamrolls the arena as a giant inflated ball of flesh was provocative. Even more so was Naruto's signature move called "Sexy Jutsu," where you transform into a nymphet with a bikini.