N+ coming to handhelds

Hollywood might be a little reluctant to take a YouTube video of someone getting hit in the junk with a soccer ball and turn it into amajor motion picture, but the gaming industry tends totake more risks with cult Internet sensations. That might explain N+, a new platforming game being developed for the PSP and DS that's scheduled for release this November.

The game is based on N, which originated as a ninja-themed flash title. New to the handheld versions will be a Co-op mode, as well as a level editor. To quote Atari,“With full support for wireless multiplayer, cartridge sharing ability, downloadable content and community leader boards, gamers will be able to settle, once and for all, who is the greatest ninja.”

Of course, the part about the greatest ninjais just marketing speak. We all know that debate hasalready been settled.

June 5, 2006