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    Submitted by E. Conty
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    Submitted by Phil Gross and Noj Beskin

Myst Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Secret Age, Rime

    Do what the strategy guide made my Philbo said. Then go underground in the trapdoor at the ship dock. Go to the projector. Turn it off. Go to the paper on the wall. Press the green button. Press the arrows until it gets to the number 40. Turn the projector on. You see a mountain. Go around the projector slowly. Look for a flashing button. Press it. The switch panel comes down revealing a golden plaque. Press all of the circles on the plaque. Zoom out. Go the rocket, but don't go in, go more towards the tower beside you. See that room cut into the brick walkway? Go into it. Make the number 2735. Go into the library. Click on the bluebook that has appeared. Now click on the link. You go to Rime, a secret age. Go to the side of the small building a switch the knob around. Go into the building and click on the burner button. (It's red). Enjoy the coziness!

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Go to the end game

    Turn all of the marker switches up. Go to the dock and turn the lever down and a sheet will appear (if you don't know how to go to the clock tower then turn the big handle 8 times and the small handle 2 times). Go to the chimney and access diagram 158 and the chimney will turn so you are facing a book. Enter the book and gave the page to the person you'll meet. The end.

  • PC | Submitted by Rider Anthony Sonnier

    How to Get to Channel Wood Age

    Go to the cabin . Type 724 in the vault. there are matches in the safe. turn on the furnace. light the match. look for the red dot at the bottom of the furnace. Light it with match. Quickly go to the big tree. You will see a elevator going up. Go back inside. turn off the furnace. Quickly go back outside. Quickly go back to the tree. Quickly get in the elevator. It will go down, under the ground. The book is waiting for you