Myst TV show moves forward with X-Men: First Class writer

(Image credit: Broderbund)

The TV adaptation of the classic computer game Myst just got a big boost with X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller signing on as writer and showrunner.

Miller's work in film dates back to the early 2000s with Agent Cody Banks and includes a writing credit on 2011's Thor. His television credits include Andromeda, The Twilight Zone, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Black Sails.

According to Deadline, the production from Village Roadshow is set to expand upon Myst lore and adapt it into movies and TV shows, both scripted and unscripted. With Miller at the helm and working on the pilot script, Myst seems to be moving full speed ahead for the big screen.

The first we heard of Myst coming to TV was way back in 2014, where it was originally being produced by Legendary TV for Hulu. The rights to Cyan Worlds' 1993 adventure game changed hands from Legendary to Village Roadshow last year.

If you're following the project, you're probably already a fan of the video game franchise serving as the source work. But if not, Myst is an adventure series centered around the player character, aka "the Stranger," and Atrus, a member of an ancient civilization that's mastered the ability to link different worlds by writing books.

We're likely quite a ways off from seeing Myst on the TV, but these best upcoming TV shows are a lot sooner on the horizon.

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