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MySims Agents review

A decent, if slightly muddled spy game


  • Cool espionage story
  • Stuffed with charm
  • Lots of customization


  • Whole game feels a bit incoherent
  • Some spotty minigames
  • Simlish is getting old

The MySims seem to have picked themselves up after looking like they were about to head down the dumper with MySims Racing and Party. Agents is a much more MySims kind of game, stuffed with all the customization and ‘essences’ of the first game, but also focused on an espionage-lite story.

As in the Wii version, you’re an agent for the Sims Protection Agency, but your task here is to stop a thief from making off with a town’s treasure. It’s on a much smaller scale than the Wii game but is padded out with optional minigames (of varying quality). There’s the usual assortment of locals to chat to, errands to run and objects to create. This is all slightly at odds with the ‘stop the thief’ plot, and the whole game feels a bit incoherent, but there’s enough charm to carry it through. We’re getting a bit sick of Simlish, mind – if we hear one more ‘wackadoony hurgh’ we’re going to block up our ears with sawdust.

Nov 3, 2009

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DescriptionThe Sims collides with Bond-style action and it asks you to cast aside your prejudices. This game's inventive mix of platforming and puzzle solving is a great time for those unafraid of getting a "kiddy" title.
Franchise nameThe Sims
UK franchise nameThe Sims
US censor rating"Everyone","Everyone"
UK censor rating"3+","3+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)