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Monstrously bad Sonic commercial advertises monstrously bad McDonald’s toys

Sonic really has been in some shit down the years. That god-awful early 90s cartoon series. The bloody horrendous werewolf game. That time he murdered an Emerald Hill Zone hooker. We kid, we kid. Nothing, though, tops a monstrosity of a 2004 McDonald’s advert which aired in Pakistan. In it, our miscoloured hedgehog tries to shill the most comically misshapen, crappy toys you’ve ever seen. Just wait until you see the CG. It’ll scar your eye holes for the rest of eternity.

Pretty special, eh? And we of course use the word ‘special’ in the glue-sniffing sense. Not only do the computer effects look like they’ve been knocked up by a blind person using a pocket calculator, but the toys themselves are an abomination against everything good and pure in this world.

While the US have been treated to a range of passable Sonic toys in their Happy Meals down the years, Sega enthusiasts in Pakistan had to put up with something that looks a bit like a blue toilet seat with demon eyes…

Above: Kill it! Kill it with liquid nitrogen!

Still, the advert is so offensively bad, it’s kinda brilliant. Plus, looking at a CG Knuckles, who appears to have been run over by several automobiles before receiving a lobotomy, doesn’t half make us want some chicken nuggets.

Source: Kotaku

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Jan 19, 2010