MLB Power Pros review

This surprisingly deep baseball game has legs, even if its players don't

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    addictive gameplay

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    MLB-licensed cartoons

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    Wacky new game modes


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    Art style may be too cute

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    Story mode needs more baseball

  • -

    Limited Wii-mote controls

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Oct 10, 2007

If baseball is a game of inches, what then is MLB Power Pros, a game of fate, love, loss, friendship, loan sharks and pizza delivery? It's probably the most creative sports game to be released in some time, and a nice addition to any baseball fan's library.

Developed by Konami, Power Pros is the Americanized version of Jikkyou Pawafuru Major League 2, the madly popular Japanese baseball game. As you can see from the oh-so-cute player models that lack legs, Power Pros is targeted toward the kids, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty for the baseball fan that doesn't hold birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese.

First, there's the control, a perfectly-simple setup that's easy to grasp from the leadoff batter. The Wii version features a few different control schemes. You could use the Wii-mote alone or add the nunchuk. The nunchuk allows for analog pitching and fielding control. Without the nunchuk, your control is limited to the swing of the bat and a button press to throw, little more than Wii Sports Baseball. If you have to choose, plug that nunchuk in.

Still, all aspects of Power Pros control well and diving to rob a base hit is just as satisfying as it is in MLB 2K7. Batters can choose between a power swing and contact swing and then must line up a hitting reticule with the pitch. Pitchers that give up big innings will get rattled and start to see stars, also known as Armando Benitez mode. Pitchers that are tired will huff and puff before the next pitch, like David Wells after 20 sit-ups. The gameplay and atmosphere is perfect for the kids as well as us grown ups that love to play with our favorite pros.

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DescriptionIs this the Konami game with baseball players with the big heads? Yes, it is.
US censor rating"Everyone","Everyone"
UK censor rating"3+","3+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)