Minter talks remakes

Jeff Minter, the programmer and designer of the Atari Jaguar classic Tempest 2000, has been talking about his latest project in the June issue of Edge magazine.

Rather than being a remake of Tempest 2000 for Xbox 360, Minter has said that his next game, of which very few details are known, will recognizably be "what the creator of Tempest 2000 did next."

To achieve this he will be building on ideas from his past work and using "half a lifetime's experience of making shooters and funky graphics toys, rather than resurrecting a 25-year-old design."

Tempest 2000 was a remake of the 1980 arcade game - created by Dave Theurer and with trippy level design added by Minter - and was widely seen as the best game on Atari Jaguar.

Since then, Minter has founded his own codeshop, Llamasoft, and is most recently responsible for Xbox 360's audio visualizer.

May 17, 2006