Minecraft Zelda map recreates Link’s Awakening island with every enemy and boss

Minecraft Zelda Link's Awakening Koholint Island Demo
(Image credit: Pickledscones)

A new Minecraft Zelda map recreates Koholint Island from Link's Awakening, and it's been made by a two-person dev team.

As first revealed over on PlanetMinecraft, The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Demo is now available to be played by all Minecraft users, transporting players to a full-scale Koholint Island. It's not quite done yet though, as two-person dev team pickledscones has been updating their progress on the Reddit thread just below.

[OoT] Progress Report on Hyrule by me and my gf - we are open to suggestions :) Shaders- SEUS PTGI E12 from r/zelda

The Koholint Island recreation has actually been in the works for around two years at this point. So far, the DX Demo recreation of the Link's Awakening map has every enemy and boss character from the main game, perfectly recreated in Minecraft for you to face off against. 

Writing on PlanetMinecraft, pickledscones reveals that all it has left to do is complete the storyline for Link's Awakening, at which point the demo will be ready to ship for all to experience. As things stand, this is one of the more astounding player recreations in Minecraft, and a wonderful showcase of just how far the game can support some incredibly creative people.

Head here to download the Link's Awakening DX Demo for yourself in Minecraft.

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