Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo: The Battle of the Stands

Aug 22, 2007

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have things to shout about at this year's Leipzig Game Convention - which opened to the media today - but which of the big three console makers is making the most noise on the showfloor? Who has the most over-the-top displays, the most tantalising line-up of games, the most outlandish props and, of course, the most loveliest ladies? To find out, we scouted each of the respective stands to see how they shape up against one another in the mighty Battle of the Stands.


The Vibe
The makers of the X have opted for a 'chilled out' tropical feel (or possibly corporate golf course?), but despite real rocks, real sand and real palm trees, it all comes across a bit 'plastic' and you wonder whether the sand's only on the floor in anticipation of excitement vomit being barfed up by fanboys overwhelmed by the prescence of Halo 3.

The furnishings
Gargantuan 'Fatboy' lounging cushions definitely in vogue - ideal for two people or just one person with a massive ass - while a balcony kitted out with deckchairs compliments the faux tropical vibe. Low level Ikea tables with sexy, skinny TVs, lots of kryptonite green lighting and a life-size Master Chief model also fills the space. A cabinet displaying some new 360 controllers - Halo edition and pink and blue versions - also catch the eye.

Game highlights
Sega Rally, Project Gotham Racing 4, FIFA 08, PES 2008 and Halo 3 definitely the big crowd pullers, while a collection of already available titles makes up the numbers (including Forza 2 four-player link-up). A decent showing sure to keep the stand busy at all times.

The ladies
Dressed in the familiar devilishly angelic white uniform - incorporating not entirely sexy white knee-length shorts, white trainers and white tops - Microsoft's Leipzig ladies are definitely not as pleasing on the optic balls as their E3 or X06 recruits, but still warrant a bit of an extended leer. In the nicest possible way, of course.

Functional and nothing particularly imagintaive or adventurous. Even the inclusion of some bloke painting an Xbox themed collage, including such icons as Master Chief, a Bioshock Big Daddy and Mass Effect's Commander Shepherd, don't make things any more dynamic. Our least favourite of the Big Three stands. A self deprecating red rings of doom light installation would have bumped it up in our estimations. Maybe something for next year.

Matt Cundy
I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.