Micro Machines in your hands

If you own a PC in addition to a PS2, you can download a four-player demo of Micro Machines V4 right this minute, and be zipping across kitchen surfaces in tiny buggies by lunchtime. Everyone else will just have to make do with this snappy newtrailer for the Micro Machines sequel, before the game hits the shops next week.

To download the three-level demo, head over to the Micro Machines V4mini site and download it. The demo features a Kitchen Capers race, the Pecking Peril track that weaves in and around a chicken coop - complete with giant hostile chickens - and the Rooftop Rumble drainpipe racing circuit.

For even more miniaturized madness, check out our multiplayer hands-on and exclusive video right here.

June 23, 2006

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