Michael Douglas has Tragic Indifference

Real-life court cases often make solid fodder for movies and Michael Douglas has just agreed to star in the latest.

He’s playing a lawyer in Tragic Indifference, which is based on the case lodged against Ford by a Texas woman who was paralyzed in a car accident. Not to spoil anything, but the trial ended up exposing the company’s lack of care when it came to flaws in its SUVs and changed how the industry dealt with such accidents.

"This gives me the chance to play a different kind of character. I played a lawyer once, in Fatal Attraction, and there wasn't much about the law in that picture," Douglas gassed to Variety.

He’ll be playing Tab Turner, a man who had settled most of the liability cases he’d fought out of court, but the accident’s victim, Donna Bailey, argued that she wanted the trial in public.

Stephen Gerard has written the script based on Adam Penenberg’s 2003 book, but there’s no director attached yet.

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