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MGS 5 infiltrates the Golden Joystick Awards

Everybody knows it's an honor serving with Big Boss, but now you can show your loyalty where it really counts: in the Golden Joystick Awards. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has been added to the ballot for the biggest gaming award show voted on by you.

Why'd we wait a week after voting went live to add MGS5? Well, it didn't seem kosher to let people vote on a game that they'd barely had time to play – and that we are yet to score, despite playing for another 35 hours after our review-in-progress. Now that the hours are racking up, the cardboard box variants are being researched, and the Forward Operating Bases are being raided, it's time for V to come, too.

MGS 5 is up against heavy hitters like Batman: Arkham Knight and Bloodborne for both Visual Design and Game of the Year. Meanwhile, Kojima Productions (now reported to be disbanded) is up for Studio of the Year against fan favorites like CD Projekt Red and Bungie. Stiff competition, so if you want Snake and the gang to exfiltrate with some awards (or if you want Batman to stay ahead of his new competition), you'd better get voting.

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Connor Sheridan
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