Mercury Meltdown Revolution

As you may know, the first Mercury developed for PSP was originally designed to be played with the tilt-sensor PSP add-on device, which never saw the light of day. So it made perfect sense when Mercury Meltdown Revolution was announced for Wii.

It's obvious, being as it's a puzzle game all about tilting a platform to control a blob of mercury, how well suited the tilt-sensitive Wii Remote is for the Mercury series. And games like Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz and the currently Japan-only Kororinpa (a game in which you tilt platforms to roll a marble through obstacles) have already demonstrated how responsive the Remote is for this style of gameplay.

We've had the world's first hands-on session with Mercury Meltdown Revolution on Wii, and were pleased to find that one of the best games on PSP has just got even better on Wii.

As you can guess, the game uses the Wii Remote to simulate the platform, and your tilting movements are transferred instantly to the on-screen platform.

This is, as Ignition has already stated, the way Mercury was meant to be played, and we know why know we've played it. You feel more in touch with what's happening on screen - more in control of the blob.

Delicately edging the blob along small pathways or over moving platforms doesn't feel nearly as stressful as it did with PSP nub control. It's almost like the blob's heavy weight and slow direction changing properties feel more daunting and sporadic on normal controllers than it now does with tilt control.

But whereas Monkey Ball has you hold the Remote like a pointer which makes tilting the platform forward rather awkward, Mercury has you hold the remote horizontally with both hands, with the face of the Remote facing upwards.

This immediately feels more comfortable, and with two hands firmly planted on either end of the Remote, you feel like you have a far great degree of control - making small, delicate movements with two hands on the Remote is far easier than with one.