Meet DC's new super-slow superhero Circuit Breaker

new DC superhero Circuit Breaker
new DC superhero Circuit Breaker (Image credit: DC)

The DC Universe has a lot of superheroes that tap into the Speed Force, like Barry Allen, Wally West, Wally's wife Linda Park and their children, and their extended family of "speedsters."

And now the DCU is about to get its first superhero "stillster."

Meet Circuit Breaker, a brand new superhero that will make his debut in February 14's Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 one-shot as part of the larger Lazarus Planet event that kicked off January 10 with Lazarus Planet Alpha #1.

Circuit Breaker was introduced by creator A.L. Kaplan on Twitter (opens in new tab).

Real name Jules Jourdain, the transmasculine hero who goes by the pronouns he/they, Circuit Breaker is "blessed (or cursed?) with the dreaded Still Force" during the Dark Fate special, according to DC editor Andrea Shea (also on Twitter (opens in new tab)) who also calls the character "the prettiest and most fabulous cowboy."

Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 cover (Image credit: DC)
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The main thrust of the Lazarus Planet is a worldwide event that results in the creation of new superheroes and new supervillains, along with changes to the superpowers (and looks) of existing heroes and villains. 

So what's the Still Force, you might ask? It's a relatively new addition to DC and Flash mythology introduced in 2018 by writer Scott Snyder in Justice League. A cosmic force based on entropy and inertia giving users the ability to negate motion, it's the opposite of the Speed Force and together they make up one of the "Seven Hidden Forces of Creation."

Its best-known user is the Flash villain Turtle, who as his name suggests is really, really slow and from a superpowers standpoint serves as the polar opposite of the Flash. 

Look for more information on Circuit Breaker as it becomes available. 

Maybe one day we'll have a list of DC's best "stillsters" of all time, but until then check out Newsarama's list of the best DC speedsters of all time.

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