Medal of Honor Vanguard

It%26rsquo;s about time we caught up with the once-amazing Medal of Honor franchise. Today, we take a look at some of the squad-based dynamics in the Wii%26rsquo;s first MoH outing. Geronimo.

Happy landings
The only level demonstrated so far is an aerial landing in a farm as part of Operation Market Garden. A number of approaches are available, the most simple being to play sheep and follow your men to the ground. This gives you the added bonus of group strength (plus you land with some handy man-shaped bullet shields) but it will eliminate surprise and the thrill of lone-wolfism.

Not so happy landings
Alternatively, you can drift off on your own personal jolly and head off to the rear of the enemy, flanking them for that element of surprise but leaving you to gun by yourself. Eagle-eyed players can identify sites of particular strategic importance, such as holes in roofs leading to nifty little sniper dens. Daring players may even choose to parachute directly into enemy clusters, raining hot grenade death as they do so.