Medal of Honor Vanguard

The start of every mission - there are ten in all - has you hurling yourself headfirst from an aircraft in flak-filled skies and parachuting in to take up your own place on the battlefield. In gameplay terms, this is where the two versions differ the most. In the PS3 version, you’ll be able to land practically anywhere in the level, giving missions a much more fluid, freeform feel. In Vanguard that choice is far more limited, but you can still alter the way that you begin a level. For example, while the members of your unit already on the ground are fighting a squad of Nazis, you might be able to steer your parachute slightly out of the way of the action. On hitting the ground, you might find a weapon upgrade to set you up with a nice advantage, before sneaking around the back of an enemy stronghold and wiping them all out with the minimum of fuss.