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Meat Bun's smartly arty game shirts make Mario sexy and Dark Souls cute

I have a confession to make. I have an ulterior motive for my choice of Cool Stuff article today. You see I crave several of Meat Bun’s excellent, artistic, and entirely wearable game t-shirts for mine very own, but despite my best and most charming pleading tweets, it seems that they still don't ship outside of the US. So I’m hoping that once you see the kind of wonders I’m talking about here, enough of you in the UK and Europe will spam them, en masse, to get that shit sorted out.

Because Meat Bun’s fine array of gaming apparel is an archive of the most stylised specialness. While their selection is relatively small, they more than make up for that with conceptual creativity and sheer design flair. Take, for instance, their chibi reimagining of Dark Souls’ Gravelord Nito. Not only a great, and incredibly endearing piece of art, it comes with the added satisfaction of seeing the boss of one of the game’s most uncompromisingly brutal sections reduced to the state of a cute, bandy-legged little goofball.

And then there’s Dash Princess, which I can’t rave over hard enough. A Peach-focused Mario Kart t-shirt, its immensely detailed, brilliantly observed schlock exploitation-movie artwork makes it utterly unrecognisable as such to anyone not in the know. And to anyone savvy enough to recognise the t-shirt’s inspiration, the sight of Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toad, Toadette and Bowser reimagined in ultra-authentic, ‘70s action-movie style is frankly an utter joy.

So get over to, ogle their stuff, and then please, please harangue them to start shipping directly to Europe. That way I don’t have to order a bunch of Dark Souls and Mario t-shirts via the GR US office, while hoping that they don’t get ‘lost’ in the post when Ryan and Henry get hold of them.

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David Houghton
Long-time GR+ writer Dave has been gaming with immense dedication ever since he failed dismally at some '80s arcade racer on a childhood day at the seaside (due to being too small to reach the controls without help). These days he's an enigmatic blend of beard-stroking narrative discussion and hard-hitting Psycho Crushers.