Matthew Leyland's Guide To Cannes

Cannes 2010 is full of film journalists, critics and assorted press all there to report on the festival ballyhoo and paying little regard to the historic town that hosts the festival.

Alas friends there is hope, Total Film Reviews Editor Matthew Leyland, a shining beacon of Cannes-based facts amongst a sea of Cannes-ignorant reportage.

In this latest epidode Matthew casts his keen eye on another famous venue in the festival town. It's like a rough guide... only rougher;

There you go. A hardback book to accompany this series is available exclusively in branches of Woolworths nationwide.

Cannes 2010 is all about film, glamour, celebrities and parties on yachts... but what about the town of Cannes? Surely there's more to this little corner of the French Riviera than a two week annual film festival...

Thankfully, Total Film Reviews Editor Matthew Leyland is on hand to bring us the inside track on all things Cannes. It's like a rough guide... only rougher;

Episode 2: Attack Of The Cannes

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Total Film Reviews Editor Matthew Leyland is the kind of man who knows a lot. A lot about film, anyway.

During the festival he'll be bringing you his guide to the sights and sounds of Cannes. It's a bit like having a rough guide, only, you know... rougher.

Episode 1: The Phantom Croisette

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