Mass Effect 3: Special Forces trailer is all about the co-op killing

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode was revealed last October to mixed reactions, but if this new trailer is any indication, BioWare isn't going about its online expansion lightly. Take a look at how Mass Effect's 3 action might actually be better with a little company in the newest “Special Forces” video.

Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 will take the form of a “Galaxy at War” mode wherein up to four players can team up to put down enemy attacks in key locations throughout the universe. An assortment of races and classes will be available for selection, and according to an earlier chat with producer Jesse Houston, one's success (or lack thereof) in these online co-op stages will have a direct impact on how Commander Shepard and his team fares in the final moments of the trilogy.

“Multiplayer will definitely have an effect on your single-player experience through the Galaxy at War system,” he explained, adding, “so as you play the multiplayer and the Co-Op and the more successful you are, the more that will affect your Galactic Readiness level which will then affect your end game result.”

A full Mass Effect 3 multiplayer FAQ is posted at BioWare's blog. You can also wrangle three of your friends and try it for yourself when Mass Effect 3 lands for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in March.

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