We’re fairly sure our wife is cheating. It’s the one thing we haven’t been able to work out for certain yet. We’ve played this life through dozens of times, every way we can think of, and we can never quite catch her in the act, nor shake the feeling that there’s something she’s not telling us.

This is the allure of Masq (opens in new tab)(Warning: the game requiresplayers to be over17, so don't try anything sneaky ), and the reason it’s well-named: there’s always more to it than you see. The title refers to the range of women’s clothing you - manager of a fashion design studio - are about to showcase, and the action takes place in the few days leading up to the big show, when your career will be made or broken. Which we guess doesn’t go very far to explaining how our first play-through ended withus divorced, disgraced, jobless, shot and in jail; unless we really would make that bad a fashionista. No, that’s all a consequence of the seedy underbelly of your life, much of which you’ll get the chance to scratch.