Marvel promises 2021 "Rebirth" after Avengers "Enter the Phoenix" arc

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Although it's probably not an official title and probably won't be considering DC used the term as an official brand a few years ago, Marvel Comics executive editor Tom Brevoort used the term "rebirth" to describe the next phase of the Marvel Universe.

the full page from Avengers #38 teasing the Marvel Universe in 2021 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The description took place in the final seconds of Marvel's virtual panel Saturday for Brazil's CCXP. The panel was focused on the upcoming Avengers story arc 'Enter the Phoenix,' and was attended by Avengers writer Jason Aaron, artist Javier Garron who did design work for the Phoenix Force-Marvel character mash-ups, and Brevoort.

Host Ryan Penagos concluded the panel by asking about last month's Avengers #38 which according to a Marvel tweet a couple of days before its release served as the collision of "the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe," further adding the "road to Marvel Comics 2021 starts here."

Apocalypse in the past, the Hulk in the more recent past, a future that includes Doom the Living Planet and a Phoenix-powered Wolverine, and an all-around heavy dose of Mephisto (and his surprise servant in the present day, Howard Stark) seem to be what Avengers #38 is setting up for future storylines, but Brevoort didn't address those specific characters or potential storylines. 

Instead, he said that in the Marvel Universe storylines involving the Phoenix usually bring destruction, and what follows destruction is "rebirth," indicating that will be the theme of the Marvel Universe after the conclusion of the 'Enter the Phoenix' arc.

So again, while it's unlikely you'll see Marvel use the term "Rebirth" in branding whatever its next big event or thematic editorial direction will be, at least Marvel readers now have an idea what to look out for. 

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