Marvel names its 'Stormbreaker' artists for 2023

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Marvel Comics has named a new 2023 class of 'Stormbreakers,' its term for its annual class of rising star artists who are making names for themselves at the publisher. Each year, Marvel names a new round of 'Stormbreakers' as the Marvel artists to watch out for in the coming year, and this year's class hails from all over the world.

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For those not in the know, the name 'Stormbreaker' is itself a Marvel Comics reference, as it's the name of the weapon given to Thor's ally Beta Ray Bill, as well as the name of Thor's magical ax in the MCU.

For next year's wave, Marvel Comics has deemed eight artists worthy of the 'Stormbreaker' title, most of whom will be familiar to fans who have been keeping up with Marvel Comics for the last several years. (Marvel's 'Stormbreaker' artists aren't necessarily rookies, they're artists whose work will receive a new spotlight from the publisher).

2023's class of Stormbreakers kicks off with Italian artist Elena Casagrande, best known for her work on Marvel's most recent volume of the Black Widow ongoing title.

She's joined by current Thor artist Nic Klein, who hails from Germany; as well as Mexico's Jan Bazaldua, who is known for her work on Miles Morales, Mr. and Mrs. X, and Loki.

Then there's Chris Allen, who is known for his work on MCU tie-in comics including comic book prelude stories for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Uruguayan artist Martin Coccolo also joins 2023's Stormbreakers class, as one of the newest Marvel Comics artists on the list, having just started working for Marvel in 2021.

Next up is Brazilian artist Lucas Werneck, current artist of the Immortal X-Men title among several other Marvel Comics credits. He's joined by artist CF Villa of Mexico, known for his work on numerous Marvel Comics titles including a run on the fan-favorite Black Cat title.

And finally, rounding out Marvel's list of 2023 Stormbreakers is Italian artist Federico Vicentini, who is known for his work on X Death of Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, and more.

Marvel's Stormbreakers initiative started in 2020, taking over for the previous 'Young Guns' program, which also promoted up-and-coming Marvel artists.

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