Mario Royale is a new battle royale that pits players against each other in a race through the Mushroom Kingdom

Battle royale fever has struck again and this time Mario is caught up in the last-man-standing action. Mario Royale, a new browser game, pits one hundred players against each other in each level from the classic platformer.

Developed by Youtuber InfernoPlus, whose patreon says they make "unfunny videos and bad games," Mario Royale is a fully functional remake of the NES game written with HTML5. You can jump in and play it right here.

"I have some bad news, I have taken one of the most beloved, classic games of all time and turned it into a battle royale," he joked via a video launching the game on June 15. "What I have done is a true sin."

It's pretty straightforward in how it plays. Imagine running through the original game with 99 other players at your side. All the magic, plus a hefty amount of lag, of playing the classic side scroller lives on in a zany and over-the-top fashion. 

Players can't jump on each other, but they can direct Koopa shells at one another, break blocks from beneath each other, and other things like that. "It's basically identical to the original game, but with an extra 98 morons running around and stealing your power ups," he said. "The core design of Mario Royale is that players don't interact directly with each other but interact with each other through the game world itself."

InfernoPlus says it runs on most modern browsers, I tried it on Chrome and it worked just fine. He also said it features controller support. 

If you're interested now is the best time to give it a shot. There are plenty of active players enjoying the game right now and it's completely free.

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