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Manhunt 2

[Editor's note: Our sister mag from the UK, PSM3, was lucky enough to review the PS2 version of Manhunt 2 before it was banned outright. But don%26rsquo;t worry though, as soon as Rockstar works out all the kinks, we%26rsquo;ll kindly review the final version. But for now, direct your eyes towards the review of the game you%26rsquo;ll never play.]

At the time of writing, the UK%26rsquo;s British Board of Film Classification has refused to give this sequel to Rockstar%26rsquo;s 2003 game a rating, citing its %26ldquo;casual sadism%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;unremitting bleakness.%26rdquo; Now certainly, there%26rsquo;s no denying this is a violent game, one that relies on violence for its thrill, and thus not for the faint-hearted. While Rockstar%26rsquo;s Grand Theft Auto series, with its free-roaming maps and fuel-injected vehicles, is about making you feel powerful, Manhunt, with its closed, self-contained levels and linear paths, is designed to make you feel threatened and powerless.