Man Dancin' review

Happily, not everything's as bad as the title in this low-budget Scotflick about ex-con Jimmy Kerrigan (former EastEnders baddie Alex Ferns) returning to Glasgow in search of peace, quiet and, in the event, lots and lots of the Son Of God. Mind you, TV helmer Norman Stone's over-emphatic style and Sergio Casci's stereotype-stuffed script don't help.

The storyline at least offers a novel addition to the gangster-film canon: Jesus Of Montreal goes to the Govan. Roped into a church Passion play, Kerrigan finds a yen for social justice and a endures clunking, symbolic journey to Gateshead's Angel Of The North.

Stone, bless 'im, piles on the Telling Religious References with gusto: a Magdalenesque tart, a John The Baptist-style blues singer, a junkie brother with a Liam Gallagher barnet and a nice line in Judas. However, it takes a particular spiritual perspective for the intended high point of Man Dancin' - - Jimmy's disciples doing happy-clappy street theatre - - to feel like cause for rejoicing.

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